TREND Transformations Bolton knows kitchens inside out

You couldn’t wish for a more experienced kitchen makeover specialist than TREND Transformations Bolton. We have been giving kitchen spaces throughout the area fresh and exciting new looks for years to make them the true heart of the home. You will find our products to be immensely affordable and unique in the way that they leave kitchens sparkling.

It cannot be reiterated enough just how important the kitchen is, particularly when it comes to selling your property. It needs to be in great shape.

There are all sorts of weird and wonderful methods of rejuvenating your kitchen via the wizardry of TREND Transformations as we can give you access to waterfall ends and a central island where you can debate the issues of the day with your nearest and dearest.

  • Give your kitchen the edge

    A signature feature of our work surfaces is their slenderness. They’re purposely kept trim so that they can be effortlessly applied to existing worktops. But please be advised that we can craft thicker work surfaces when required as we understand that’s what may suit your kitchen best.

  • A far from heavy solution

    Looking at them you would imagine that our impressive worktops are heavy and difficult to manoeuvre when fitting. Quite the opposite actually as they barely weigh anything and can subsequently be slotted into place very easily. Installation of our worktops only usually takes a few hours.

    We don’t think it’s right that you have to be left hanging around waiting for your kitchen to be enhanced. No-one works as quickly or efficiently as TREND Transformations.

  • Designed to endure

    Within our granite, quartz and recycled glass work surfaces is a high grade polyester which bolsters performance. This is where the strength of our countertops comes from and prevents them becoming damaged when exposed to heavy impact. It also gives them that lasting quality that every kitchen needs.

    Their performance they offer is so tough that we supply all kitchen worktops with a lifetime warranty.